The Employment Law Symposium will begin with registration, networking, and breakfast from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m on May 3.  Symposium sessions will begin at 8:00 a.m. and the event will conclude at noon.  Lunch will not be served at the Symposium.

Employment Law Symposium sessions include:

LARPing a Day in the Life of HR

Ward and Smith Speakers: Ken Gray and Hayley Wells

This LARP (Live Action Role Playing) session will allow attendees to each play a role and act out real-life HR investigations with their tablemates.  You'll be able to assume the role of an HR professional, employee, accuser, accused, or others as you walk through case examples.  Each case example will then be discussed in an open forum. 


Understanding the EEOC: A Conversation with Tom Colclough

Speakers: Thomas M. Colclough, Deputy District Director of the Charlotte District Office of the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission, Jerry Sayre, Labor and Employment Attorney

Tom Colclough, Deputy District Director of the Charlotte District Office of the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission, will join attorney Labor and Employment attorney Jerry Sayre to provide a deeper dive into the EEOC.  Jerry's questions and Tom's use of real life examples will highlight cases that the EEOC sees (and has seen) and this honest, candid talk on these issues will provide you with an insider's look into how the EEOC operates.

Q&A with the North Carolina Attorney General

Speakers: Josh Stein, North Carolina Attorney General, Devon Williams, Labor and Employment Attorney

This session will feature a Q&A session between North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein, and Labor and Employment attorney, Devon Williams.  Questions to Mr. Stein will center on the NCDOJ's top issues, including the opioid crisis.  This insightful discussion will showcase ways the NCDOJ is working to protect North Carolina citizens and workers. 

Rapid Fire Legal Update

Ward and Smith Speakers: Emily MasseyGrant OsborneJerry Sayre, and Allen Trask

A whole lot of legal knowledge, condensed into short sound bites!  Ward and Smith attorneys will present on the latest hot topics related to employment law, including pregnancy discrimination, restrictive covenants, company-owned electronics pitfalls, and the hemp prohibition lift's effect on employee drug testing.  The last portion of this session will be reserved for Q&A from the audience.