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Privacy and data security issues are among the most challenging and rapidly-evolving areas of risk for companies across a wide variety of sectors and industries.  Ward and Smith, P.A.'s Privacy and Information Security Practice Group is comprised of attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to help our clients meet these challenges.

Privacy + Information Security Law Related Practices

The ability to collect, use, and share customer information has become increasingly important to all kinds of businesses:  In many cases, it is absolutely critical to business success.  Legislation, regulations, and civil lawsuits have collectively resulted in significantly greater compliance obligations and dramatically higher risks associated with handling customer or employee information in recent years.  The members of our Privacy and Information Security Practice Group are dedicated to helping our clients reach practical solutions to their business needs while navigating legal obligations and managing risk. 

Privacy and information security issues arise in a number of contexts with which our team has knowledge and experience, including the following:

The legal issues surrounding privacy and information security form a patchwork of dozens of laws rather than any single, cohesive body of law.  Members of our Privacy and Information Security Practice Group have decades of experience advising financial institutions, healthcare providers, employers, and many other businesses and government entities regarding privacy and security issues, and have authored numerous presentations and papers on these and related topics.  By utilizing a cross disciplinary, team oriented approach, we can draw upon our members' significant experience in various areas of privacy law to deliver pragmatic solutions and advice with the efficiency that our clients have come to appreciate and expect. 

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