Update: CAI-NC Webinar Featuring Allen Trask and Amy Wang Rescheduled

The North Carolina Chapter of the Community Associations Institution has rescheduled a webinar featuring attorneys Allen Trask and Amy Wang.

The virtual event has been moved from November 4 to November 17. "Stormwater Smarts" is designed to look at how state and local stormwater rules are intended to define impact considerations on both common areas as well as the overall community. Amy and Allen will be joined by Senior Technical Consultant Hunter Freeman of WithersRavenel for the hour-long session.

Ward and Smith is a proud corporate sponsor of the Stormwater Smarts webinar, which costs $35 for chapter members and $50 for attendees who do not hold a chapter membership in their own name. For more information, including where to sign-up, visit https://cai-nc.site-ym.com/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1433720.

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