Charles Collins Joins InterAction Webinar as Panelist

Ward and Smith's Director of Information Technology, Charles Collins, will be a featured panelist during the "Why CRM Should Be Part of your Disaster Recovery Plan" webinar. 

The forum, hosted by LexisNexis® InterAction®, will focus on how businesses can use their CRM to keep their operations moving and have access to crucial data — even in the face of disaster. Charles will be joined by InterAction's Mary Olson and Mani Naua, as they discuss several important topics, including: 

  • Handling emergency communications in the event of a disaster
  • Increased accessibility of CRM data during a disaster
  • Continued communications with clients without interruption
  • Designating CRM as a firm critical software for continuous backup

The webinar will be held on June 30 at 11 a.m. Registration is still open. Sign-up today!

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