Devon Williams to Speak at the NC Association of CPA Spring Conference

Ward and Smith Attorney Devon Williams

The North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants ("NCACPA") plans two conferences a year. 

This year, labor and employment attorney Devon Williams was invited to speak at the Members in Business and Industry Spring Conference later this month at the Grandover Resort Conference Center in Greensboro. 

The three-day event, starting May 22, covers a variety of topics aimed to comprehensively address the trends and solutions accounting professionals need to position their organizations for future success. Devon will speak on the second day to NCACPA members about understanding and preventing workplace harassment. Here's a summary of her session. 

Sexual harassment is all over the news and new allegations are being made daily. What steps can you take to try and ensure your company isn’t in the next headline for sexual or other types of harassment? Labor and employment attorney, Devon Williams, will lead a session discussing workplace policies that address all types of harassment and the importance of not just “checking the box” when it comes to educating your employees. You’ll also learn the best practices to implement when a harassment claim is made.

Founding in 1919, the NCACPA promotes the competence, integrity, civic responsibility, and success of CPAs in North Carolina. 

Devon's experience focuses on a wide range of labor and employment issues, including wage and hour matters, federal contractor compliance, employment discrimination, and harassment, employee discipline and termination, personnel policies, and background checks. For issues relating to employee benefits, she concentrates on issues confronting welfare benefit plans (such as medical, dental, and other plans) and their sponsors, including the provisions and impact of the Affordable Care Act.

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