Don Eglinton to Speak at NCRWA Annual Conference

Business and commercial litigation attorney Don Eglinton will be a featured presenter at the 42nd Annual North Carolina Rural Water Association Conference and Exhibition.

This is the largest conference of its kind in North Carolina, featuring exhibits, networking, and all types of competitions ranging from a water taste test competition to a golfing tournament. But it's not all fun and games. Continuing education classes, covering a wide range of topics and issues, for water and wastewater professionals will be sprinkled throughout the four-day conference. This includes a breakout session given by Don on May 15. He will be joined by Lisa Smith-Perri of West Carteret Water Corporation for a discussion about what to do if your expansion contractor goes bankrupt. Here's a brief summary of their presentation:

Being able to deliver vital water services to customers consistently, in compliance with all applicable standards, and in the manner promised is a shared goal that is not easily accomplished. Managing a distribution system expansion or improvement project where the contractor defaults and declares bankruptcy challenges every aspect of meeting this goal. Much can be learned from the post mortem examination of a situation where this actually occurred. This presentation will provide this examination. Click here for the full agenda.

The Annual Conference and Exhibition runs May 13 - 16 at the Sheraton Four Seasons in Greensboro. Visit this link to register.

Founded in 1976, the NC Rural Water Association is a non-profit dedicated to helping members attain the highest standard in drinking water and wastewater service. Members represent both community and non-community water and wasterwater systems.

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