Media Mention: Allen Trask Answers 'Loaded Question' in Interview with Marijuana Venture

Allen Trask

Hemp and cannabis law attorney Allen Trask was asked by Marijuana Venture, a journal of professional cannabis growers and retailers, a 'loaded question' on limiting cannabis operator licensing.

The query was part of a feature that included insights from numerous hemp and cannabis professionals sharing their opinions on the topic. Allen offered his perspective on the question, "Why should/shouldn't states limit cannabis operator licensing?"

A good, functional licensing model does, in theory, provide the stabilization, predictability and protection that business owners and consumers crave and deserve. That can result in a more open market with competition on a more level playing field. Healthier competition should lead to more consumer choice, more supply and diversity of products, better safety standards, and the like. Those are all good things. Licensing does, however, create barriers to entry that may ultimately keep some interested parties from being able to participate and succeed, and there is a very real risk that small or local businesses can be disproportionately affected.

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