Media Mention: Article by Olivia Lewis and Erica Rogers Featured in The Licensing Journal

Olivia Lewis and Erica Rogers

Attorneys Olivia Lewis and Erica Rogers explore the inadvertent creation of a franchise in their article featured in The Licensing Journal, a premier resource for comprehensive licensing guidance tailored for legal practitioners.

Their article, "Did We Accidentally Create a Franchise?", discusses the potential risks and legal implications business owners face when venturing into brand expansion through licensing agreements that may unintentionally lead to franchise arrangements. It highlights the importance of understanding the differences between license and franchise agreements, emphasizing the need to evaluate the scope, risks, and legal requirements associated with intellectual property rights. Exclusive to the February edition of The Licensing Journal, the article, which also advises business owners to carefully navigate the complexities of licensing and franchising to avoid unintended consequences, such as accidental franchise creation, is only available by purchasing this edition. 

To access this thought-provoking piece by Olivia Lewis and Erica Rogers, interested readers can visit the official website: The Licensing Journal - February Edition.

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