Media Mention: B.T. Atkinson Featured in Wilmington Magazine

BT Atkinson

Attorney B.T. Atkinson is reflecting on returning to his roots in the latest issue of Wilmington Magazine.



The article, titled "Home Is Where You Make It," beautifully captures B.T. and his wife Jenkie’s journey back to their roots in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Atkinsons' decision to return was deeply influenced by their connection to the area. As B.T. shares, "Charlotte outgrew us a bit too," emphasizing the allure of Wilmington's size and charm. This move was not just about a new house but about reconnecting with a place rich in family history and personal significance. From the article:

"We looked at buying a place in town, but this place is special,” says B.T. “We bought this acre and a half from my cousins. I have several cousins that live [nearby], an uncle who lives up the creek from us, and my brother retired here, too."

“Sometimes people ask us why we built a house this large just for the two of us. But we want it to continue to be a magnet for our children and future grandchildren,” says B.T.

The couple worked closely with Mack Braxton and his team at RMB Building & Design LLC to create their dream home. Jenkie’s vision for a unique, low-country style home was brought to life through meticulous design and craftsmanship. The article highlights their collaborative process:

“After we talked, the next thing I know he has drawings and I swear, we only changed one thing. He’s as good or better than anyone I’ve ever seen,” she says.

The Atkinsons' home is not just aesthetically pleasing; it’s also built with exceptional quality and sustainability in mind. RMB Building & Design goes beyond standard building codes to ensure energy efficiency and comfort. 

For more details on B.T. and Jenkie Atkinson's inspiring return to Wilmington and their beautiful new home, read the full article on Wilmington Magazine’s website or pick up a physical copy to see more pictures not featured in the digital version of their stunning home.

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