Media Mention: "Facebook pics failed to undermine p.i. claim"

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly reporter Phillip Bantz highlighted the outcome of a recent trial involving a North Carolina motor vehicle accident and personal injury case. Ward and Smith personal injury attorneys Charles Ellis and Jeremy Wilson represented the victim. The full article can be accessed with a Lawyers Weekly subscription here.

Facebook pics failed to undermine p.i. claim

By: Phillip Bantz

A Wake County jury has awarded $400,000 to the owner of a rural real estate company who was injured in a car crash, despite the defense’s use of Facebook photos to contend that his injuries were minimal.

“We fully owned those [photos] and explained them and did our best to help the jury understand that because somebody goes to the beach or a Durham Bulls game it doesn’t mean they’ve not been significantly injured,” said Jeremy Wilson of Ward and Smith in Wilmington.

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