Media Mention: Jenny Boyer's Trust Planning Article Referenced in a Wealth Strategies Journal Post

Jenny Boyer

Wealth Strategies Journal recently highlighted the insightful work of Trusts and estates attorney Jenny Boyer.

The publication directed readers to Jenny's article "Gimme Shelter: General Trusts Planning for Future Generations." Her article underscores the critical significance of strategic planning, emphasizing that its importance transcends age and financial standing. As the post states:

Some are quick to dismiss asset protection trust planning as too complex or unnecessary.  For those not in a “certain tax bracket,” this type of planning may seem like an over-reach by an estate planning attorney.  There are many reasons, however, to incorporate asset protection trusts into even the simplest estate plan – especially in the context of passing assets to children and grandchildren.  Asset protection trusts can provide crucial benefits to even the most financially responsible beneficiaries. Dismissing the topic too quickly might result in missed opportunities to provide loved ones with financial shelter from future storms.  

You can read Jenny's entire article here.

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