Media Mention: Law360 Features Article Written by Melissa Forshey Schwind

Melissa Forshey Schwind

Nothing beats hands-on experience. 

Sometimes, that's easier said than done, especially during a pandemic. COVID-19 has altered how law firms operate, with many choosing to let their attorneys and staff work remotely. But it's summer associate season, so "how does a law firm convey the unique value of its culture to someone who isn't sitting in the office?"

It's a question that Melissa Forshey Schwind, Ward and Smith's Director of Attorney Recruiting, Professional Development, and Diversity and Inclusion, recently answered. She co-authored an article for Law360 with Jaron Luttich, Element Standard co-founder, and William Kenny, an Element Standard law student intern.

"Remote Law Firm Culture Should Prioritize Associate Training" addresses the importance of concrete training. Here's an excerpt:

Learning is real. Learned things are transferable. The act of providing training shows value.

A focus on training shows that a firm has a culture of continual learning. It demonstrates a culture of caring for the success of its newest employees and one of efficiency that recognizes law school courses cover only a fraction of what's necessary.

Perhaps most notably, it shows all of these while conveying a future-oriented culture of security.

As part of its coronavirus coverage, Law360 is providing free access to some of its full articles. You can read the entire "Remote Law Firm Culture Should Prioritize Associate Training" article right now online.

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