Media Mention: Osborne on Overturned Overtime Rule

Asheville labor and employment attorney Grant Osborne was quoted in an article published on September 1 in the Triangle Business Journal. The article explained a federal judge's decision in Texas that struck down the Obama Administration’s overtime rule and possible implications for employers. View the article here. An excerpt from the article with Osborne's comments is below:

According to Ward and Smith labor and employment attorney Grant Osborne, the details of Thursday's decision highlight a change may still be forthcoming.

"The court, notably, went out of its way to say that it 'is not making any assessments regarding the general lawfulness of the salary-level test or the department’s authority to implement such a test,'" he says.

"So it's possible that the Trump Administration may implement a new minimum salary-level, because it's widely acknowledged that the current one – of just $23,660 per year – is antiquated and out of touch with the realities of the modern workplace," Osborne added. "Whether that will happen, and, if so, when, is of course anybody's guess."

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