Power Up: Ward and Smith Expands Westlaw and Practical Law Services & Access

Ward and Smith understands the greatest value our firm holds is the knowledge and expertise of our outstanding attorneys.

In an effort to maximize this value and provide the greatest service to our clients, the firm has entered into a new contract with Thomson Reuters that allows for broader access to Westlaw content, as well as access to Practical Law across all practice sections.

These recent enhancements give attorneys the power to quickly and easily:

  • Find information companies and people,
  • Access Dockets,
  • Find Trial Court Documents and Orders,
  • Utilize Expert Materials,
  • Access Local, National, and Global News Resources,
  • And Much More.

Long an industry standard when it comes to legal research, Ward and Smith's attorneys already frequently use Westlaw to conduct research and gain insights into the changing nature of law. Practical Law from Thomson Reuters is a practitioner's toolkit featuring standard documents, checklists, practice notes, updates, how-to guides, and more arranged in an easy to navigate platform organized by practice section.

These powerful practice tools work together to create a streamlined resource solution. Utilizing this type of integrated technology keeps legal resources organized and accessible from anywhere – providing practitioners with the information tools necessary to provide the highest level of expertise to clients.

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