Time for a Change? Ward and Smith Sponsors Judicial Selection Panel Discussion

Should North Carolina judges be elected or appointed? That question will be up for debate during a panel discussion on May 7. The program, entitled "Selecting Judges in North Carolina: Time for a Change?" is hosted by the John Locke Foundation and Western Carolina University, and sponsored by Ward and Smith. The panel will feature four academic experts. Each will weigh in on key issues including the state of federal election law in the judicial context, and how to achieve the right balance among the important judicial values of competence, independence, accountability, and legitimacy.

The four panelists are:

Chris Bonneau – University of Pittsburgh

Scott Gaylord – Elon University

F. Andrew Hanssen –Clemson University

Bryan McCannon – West Virginia University

Edward J. Lopez will moderate the event.

The panel starts at 11:30 in the Campbell Law School Auditorium in Raleigh. Tickets are $15.


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