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The Underpinnings of Professional Life: A Deeper Look at Common Mental Health Problems and An Uncommon Resource to Address Them

This two-hour CLE will have a dual focus:

  • Explore the nature of anxiety and depression, two of the most common disorders attorneys experience; and, 
  • Provide detailed information about the BarCARES program, a mental health resource available to North Carolina attorneys and their families. 

The clinical focus on depression and anxiety will explore not only typical causes and symptoms of these disorders but also look at their usefulness as indicators of the need for change as well as natural reactions to changes that are already occurring, especially transitions. Transitions can include the daily move from task to task and shift from work to home and home to work, as well as the larger transitions inherent in the lifespan of a professional career.

The BarCARES portion of the program will describe the wide range of mental issues that it may be used to address in addition to issues related to substance abuse, for which it is widely known. Those issues include not only depression and anxiety, but also marital or family problems; workplace stress including demanding workloads and interpersonal conflicts; medical conditions with physiological ramifications; and grief and loss of persons, work status, and/or financial condition.

Anonymous clinical case histories will be offered to illustrate that the willingness to recognize potential psychological issues and seek professional evaluation can result in the correct identification of the true nature of the issue, which often may not be immediately apparent to the sufferer, whether treatment is indicated; and beneficial outcomes that can result from the accurate diagnosis and treatment of psychological distress before irrevocable personal or professional injury is suffered.

Case histories will also be used to emphasize that those who are already suffering from profound emotional difficulties and the resulting negative consequences can receive treatment enabling them to regain emotional health and the ability to fully use their professional capabilities, and enjoy both their personal and professional lives.

Presented by Martha F. Simpson, Ph.D., LCAS, Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

Friday, May 1, 2015

12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Grandover Resort, 1000 Club Road, Greensboro, NC

For additional information, contact Teresa R. Harper at 252.672.5400 or trh@wardandsmith.com or click here to complete your registration.


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