USDA Establishes National Domestic Hemp Production Program

On October 31, 2019, the United States Department of Agriculture ("USDA") published its Interim Final Rule establishing the nation's Domestic Hemp Production Program, and providing regulations on testing, sampling, and the production of hemp nationwide.  

It is effective through November 1, 2021.  The USDA will adopt and publish a Final Rule by that date unless the Interim Final Rule is extended.  The USDA will accept public comment through December 30, 2019, with all such comments to be made public record and to be considered for the Final Rule.  The Interim Final Rule will have significant and wide-ranging impact on the hemp industry in North Carolina and throughout the rest of the Country.  All hemp market participants, especially hemp cultivators, should take note and consult with legal counsel to fully understand it.  We have made an in-depth analysis and breakdown of the Interim Final Rule available to our clients in the industry.

Ward and Smith's Hemp Law team actively monitors local and national developments in order to react swiftly to keep clients informed and in-step with state and federal laws.  Our attorneys are at the forefront of this industry in North Carolina, spreading awareness through frequent presentations, sharing insightful information with media, and supplying clients with the latest information through our website, under Hemp Articles.  If you are interested in growing your hemp business, Ward and Smith is here to offer insight, guidance, and legal services. 

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