Adam Beaudoin to Speak at the CAI 2022 Annual Conference & Exposition

Adam Beaudoin

Attorney Adam Beaudoin will be a featured speaker at the Community Associations Institute's (CAI) 2022 Annual Conference & Exposition.

He will be joined by attorney Cynthia Jones with Sellers, Ayers, Dortch & Lyons for their session titled "Boiling Point: Keeping Community Association Board Members Out of Hot Water." This interactive presentation explores the most common ways community association board members get themselves in hot water. Attendees will help each other find "better" ways to handle scenarios and avoid legal entanglement.

The CAI Annual & Exposition is one of the largest events for managers, management company executives, community association homeowner leaders, and service providers. It runs from May 4  to 7 in Orlando, Fl. You can find more information about the event here

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