Attorney Trip Coyne Attends "Token Summit III"

In May 2018, attorney Trip Coyne attended the Token Summit III in New York City.

The bi-annual event took an in-depth look at the token-based economy.  Specifically, the conference focused on designing token-based economies while creating value for users. Over two days, 50 speakers from 60 countries shared valuable insights regarding the latest development in blockchain-based tokens, applications, protocols, and crypto-assets.

Highlights from the event include:

Tokens Regulation Panel

Experts weighed in on how the Securities Exchange Commission affects the token-economy and what entrepreneurs want from regulators.  They also discussed the issues, challenges, and possible solutions for regulations.

Where are CrypotKitties Going?

CryptoKitties were the Ethereum blockchain sensation of 2017. Union Square Ventures co-founder Fred Wilson interviewed the co-creator of CryptoKitties, Dieter Shirley, about the future of the blockchain based virtual game, non-fungible tokens, and much more.

From PayPal to Ethereum

Founding PayPal COO and crypto entrepreneur and investor David Sacks discussed his thoughts crypto on regulations and the future of security tokens.

From Token Sale to Mainnet Launch Panel

Industry leaders talked about their experiences in raising token sales, how it helped or hurt their projects, and best operational practices. More than 100 projects in the last 18 months have raised more than $30 million via a token sale. However, only a few have actually shipped a working product, and many of them never will.

From Speculation to Usage Panel

This panel explored what is needed to get beyond investment to actual usage. Currently, crypto-assets are now worth more than $400 billion in market value.

If you would like to know more about the conference, please contact Trip Coyne. You can view the entire summit here.

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