Bill Durr, Zac Lamb, and Devon Williams to Speak at the 2019 "Business of Farming Conference"

Farming is a lifestyle, but it's also a business.

And this Saturday, February 23 farmers can learn to grow their business at the 2019 Business of Farming Conference in Asheville. It's hosted by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) and sponsored in part by Ward and Smith.

The annual event brings together aspiring and professional growers from across the Southeast region for a day of networking and learning through grower-buyer meetings, business and marketing consulting sessions, exhibitor halls, and workshops.

Bill Durr, Zac Lamb, Devon Williams

Ward and Smith attorneys Bill Durr, Zac Lamb, and Devon Williams are hosting a workshop at the conference, titled "Legal Tools for Protecting your Farm." This interactive session gives insights on legal topics that affect farmers, such as entity formation, estate planning, and labor/employment matters.

Additionally, Bill, Zac, and Devon will be on hand to answer questions on a variety of agribusiness topics during the informal lunchtime networking option.   

ASAP's 2019 Business of Farming Conference will be held at the AB Tech Conference Center. You can register for the event here.

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