Media Mention: Devon Williams Featured in the Triangle Business Journal's "Executive Voice" Series

Devon Williams

The Triangle Business Journal recently profiled Co-Managing Director-Elect Devon Williams as part of the publication's Executive Voice series. 

The article details Devon's "thirst for competition," her passion for the legal profession, as well as her taking on a new leadership role at Ward and Smith while being pregnant with her first child.

Here are some highlights from the Q&A article:

Growing up in North Carolina, why did you pick the University of Maryland? I saw it as an opportunity to try something completely different and new. I knew no one going into Maryland, but that was exciting to me because it gave me the opportunity to truly find out if I could make it on my own.

What cases did you find the most rewarding? I tend to enjoy anything that challenges me or stretches my knowledge and skill base – I like an uphill battle, when the odds are stacked against me. I don’t like it for the client, but I like it for myself to see if I can pull off the “impossible.”

Given my practice in labor and employment law, I am constantly dealing with people issues. Due to that, no one employment issue is the same, even if it involves a similar legal issue. This forces me to evaluate and strategize based on not just the facts and the law but also the human side of each case. Helping employers in those kinds of situations is fulfilling.

Why did you decide to settle in Cary? My husband jokes that settling in Cary was the first 50/50 compromise in our marriage. I drive 10 minutes to work, and he drives 45. I married well!

You can read the entire article, here, behind the paywall.

Devon will assume the position of Co-Managing Director from predecessor Ken Wooten when he retires from the firm at the end of 2020. She will maintain her labor and employment practice.

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