Media Mention: WECT Chats with Jeremy Wilson about the 4ALL Day of Service

Jeremy Wilson

On March 3, the North Carolina Bar Foundation and the North Carolina Bar Association successfully executed their largest pro-bono initiative, 4ALL Statewide Service Day. 

This event is a yearly telethon designed to allow attorneys to provide free legal advice over the phone for those in need for free. WECT hosted one of the call centers where residents could connect with lawyers like Jeremy Wilson, who co-chaired the 4ALL Service Day Committee alongside paralegal Stephanie Crosby.

The TV station chatted with Jeremy briefly about volunteering. 

"“So we really have an access to justice gap in North Carolina and across the United States, lawyers are expensive. It’s just really hard to get access to the legal system. And obviously, today doesn’t fix that by itself. That’s one small thing the lawyers across North Carolina can do to volunteer their time and answer legal questions provide legal information for free,” Jeremy Wilson, a volunteer with the N.C. Bar Association, said."

You can watch the full story here.


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