Media Mention: Will Oden Featured As Business Journal's "Info Junkie"

Wilmington labor and employment attorney Will Oden was featured in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal "Info Junkie" column.  The monthly column highlights Wilmington professionals and the technology that they use to enhance and manage both their personal and professional lives.  Read Oden's list of must-have apps, podcasts, and resources here.

"His go-to apps include Evernote for capturing ideas, Blinkist for easier- to-digest summaries and IFTTT to manage social media posts. Unroll.Me is helpful to unsubscribe from pesky junk emails, and LastPass keeps on top of password management.

Another must app is Venmo “for paying our 2-year-old’s babysitter so that my wife and I can have a date night.”

Oden also uses Audible to listen to audiobooks – mostly business books, The Great Courses series and biographies."

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