Enforcement Actions

Clients facing the government’s enforcement powers require skillful and experienced representation.  

We stand by our clients’ sides when navigating prosecutions from indictment through trial.  We know that these proceedings benefit from a variety of perspectives.  Our team-based approach ensures that clients receive the best possible advice from our range of criminal and subject-matter experts.

We do this work in almost every business sector and in a wide array of substantive areas, including:   

  • Computer and intellectual property
  • Environmental law
  • False Claims Act
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Immigration law
  • Import/export law
  • Privacy and cybersecurity
  • Procurement fraud
  • Securities, financial institution, and accounting fraud
  • Tax offenses
  • We help our clients prepare for unforeseen circumstances that inevitably arise in these high-stakes and fast-moving matters.  Our attorneys stand ready to provide legal and strategic advice for responding to personal and corporate crises both inside and outside the courtroom.

Parallel Proceedings

Clients facing white collar prosecutions often also face civil or administrative liability.  Increasingly, government attorneys collaborate to pursue remedies through multiple avenues.  These situations demand particular care in navigating the different considerations presented in each forum.  Our team has experience negotiating parallel administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings.  Our comprehensive approach ensures that our clients’ business and individual goals are protected through the entirety of the proceedings—not just in one area.

Criminal Appeals

Not all cases end with a jury verdict.  Should error affect trial-level proceedings, our experienced appellate attorneys help clients vindicate their rights on appeal.  Our team is skilled at preserving issues during initial proceedings that could benefit from appellate review.  Further, we recognize that some cases benefit from a fresh perspective.  Our attorneys also handle matters that reach us for the first time after trial proceedings are complete.

Asset Protection and Forfeiture Representation

Many modern regulatory regimes mandate that the government emphasize asset forfeiture and recovery to help offset other program expenses.  In accordance with this mandate, government attorneys will aggressively pursue companies’ and individuals’ assets for fines, penalties, and restitution.  Our team can help create a plan to protect your assets before a prosecution or enforcement action.  After such an action is complete, we can help you navigate this complicated and rapidly-changing area of the law to ensure that your rights are protected.

We are your established legal network with offices in Asheville, Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, and Wilmington, NC.

Enforcement Actions Team