Big Changes Lead to Big Efficiencies for Ward and Smith

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Many factors contribute to the success of a business. 

For Ward and Smith, our success derives from our core values of client satisfaction, reliability, responsiveness, and teamwork. That's why the firm recently implemented new software and equipment designed to improve efficiency, promote flexibility, and make our virtual environment more secure.

Charles Collins, Ward and Smith's IT Director, summed up the changes as "fully integrated while location agnostic." He explained, "Our attorneys and staff don't quit working for our clients at 6 p.m. or when they are out of town. Our team needed to be able to work seamlessly and securely anytime, from any location. Our new laptops, mobility software, security features, and login integrations make it much easier for that ideal to be our every day, everywhere reality, without the expected tech connectivity or compatibility issues." 

In addition, the firm has introduced enhanced desktops with upgraded dual monitors and computing power, so those in the office have a noticeably faster and more integrated experience.

This series of upgrades come on the heels of many other changes, including a partnership with data integrator Intapp. Deploying Intapp has already led to operational efficiencies, lessening duplicate entry and manual steps for work to be completed. The firm also partnered with HighQ, a leading provider of secure file sharing, client extranet, collaboration, and client experience solutions. The implementation of iTimekeep helps attorneys easily manage the process of keeping track of activities on behalf of clients on any device, anywhere. And most recently, Ward and Smith signed with Paperless Proforma to reduce the chance of human error while streamlining and expediting the pre-billing process.  These investments set the stage for the "location agnostic" device rollout.

"From the outside looking in, the changes may seem minor, but it was a massive undertaking," said Brad Evans, Ward and Smith's Co-Managing Director. "Our IT team worked hard to seamlessly integrate all the new upgrades, software, and devices. It has all led to a heightened ability to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively from anywhere, which improves our ability to offer services to our clients. And anything that does that aligns with Ward and Smith values."

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