John Martin Appointed to NC State Bar's Family Law Specialty Committee

John Martin

John Martin has been appointed to the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Family Law Specialty Committee. He has been a board certified specialist in family law since 2013.

The State Bar certifies an attorney as a family law specialist after he or she meets rigorous standards in the field. This includes practicing for a minimum of five years in the specialty area, averaging 600 hours each year in the practice of family law, attended a sufficient number of continuing legal education seminars, have at least ten references from peers and judges, and pass a written exam. Click here to watch John's explanation on why you should hire a board certified family law attorney. 

John's practice experience encompasses various areas of litigation.  He has represented many clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases and has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts in these types of cases.  Other areas of his litigation practice in Greenville and Wilmington include representation of clients in business and corporate litigation and in family law, with an emphasis on equitable distribution cases involving significant and complex assets.



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