Media Mention: Angela Doughty Sheds Light on Cybercrimes in Interviewed with Wrightsville Beach Magazine

Angela Doughty

In a recent interview with Wrightsville Beach Magazine, Angela Doughty, CIPP/US, shared valuable insights on the rising concerns of cybercrimes and the essential strategies to shore up one's online defense.

In the article, "Shore Up Your Cyber Defense," Angela highlighted the evolving nature of cybercrime, emphasizing how scammers have adapted to technological advancements in her interview with reporter Fritts Causby. Excerpts from the article:

“Scammers often pose as government officials, bank representatives, charity organizations, phone companies — even family members,” says Angela Doughty, an attorney with Ward and Smith and a certified information privacy professional.

In a common new scam blending online data gathering with old-school tactics including the use of a landline, grandparents may receive a tearful phone call from a “grandchild” in jail, asking them to wire bail money. Foiling the criminal in a case such as this may be as simple as going inside to speak to a bank employee before pulling funds out of the ATM.

“Be skeptical and ask questions,” Doughty advises. “When in doubt, silence is golden — bad actors will move on if you don’t engage.”

Doing so may be easier said than done in the heat of the moment. Scammers are very adept in using emotional manipulation tactics or creating a high-pressure situation.

“Take the time to independently verify any and all requests,” Doughty says. “In an effort to urge an immediate decision or receive a payment, a scammer may even threaten criminal liability for refusing to perform a requested action.”

Angela emphasizes the critical need for individuals and businesses to bolster their cyber defense mechanisms in the face of evolving cyber threats. Read the full article here to learn strategies for protecting yourself and your clients and where to go to file a report of identity theft. 

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