Media Mention: Brad Evans Talks Finding Workplace Balance with NC Lawyers Weekly

Headshot of Brad Evans

“Seeking balance is almost mythical.”

That's according to Brad Evans, Ward and Smith's Co-Managing Director, who was recently interviewed by Bill Cresenzo of NC Lawyers Weekly about striking that perfect balance between career and home life. “Work, home, spirit, community, and health are not perfectly divided pie slices that even out,” he was quoted.

The article, "Life is Not a Pie Chart: Why Flexibility Might Be the Key to Finding Balance," goes on to highlight steps Ward and Smith has taken in recent years to improve the health and well-being of staff and attorneys. From the article: 

Evans said that his firm is in the midst of implementing policies to make it easier for attorneys to have a life outside of the office. A key move was in 2018, when it launched its “flexible workplace” policy. Attorneys and staff can work from home, while traveling, or from an alternate location. At the same time, the firm underwent a technology upgrade and a security upgrade, making it ‘location agnostic.’

“We all know that face time in the office is critical for developing relationships and mentoring,” Evans said. “This policy allows our attorneys to work from home when they have sick family members, to stay in touch with clients while they accompany their children to sporting events, or even to extend their trips with family while remaining connected. We had one litigator take a long trip to France recently, and some folks were surprised to find out he wasn’t in his office.”

The firm has also introduced a policy that allows more flexibility for time off for attorneys, allowing them more flexibility in regards to where they work and on what schedule. They don’t have to track specific days allocated to paid time off.

The article also notes how other law firms are taking a similar approach to Ward and Smith in creating a work-life balance through flexible workplace policies. It's a great read that can be found here, behind the paywall. 

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