Media Mention: Grant Osborne Addresses the Gray Area Around Mandatory Vaccines with WBTV

Grant Osborne

Can your employer force you to get a vaccine?

It's a popular question WBTV in Charlotte asked our labor and employment attorney Grant Osborne to answer. 

From the article:

Companies like Target and Harris Teeter have given their employees financial incentives to get the shot.

But can private employers require you to get the shot?

“Employers are generally free to impose any conditions they want on employees, as long as the employers avoid unlawful discrimination,” said North Carolina employment attorney Grant Osborne.

Osborne says, private companies are free to insist on healthy and safe working conditions.

“They’re obligated to provide safe working conditions under what’s called the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and employers are free to require their employees to get vaccinated, for example,” said Osborne. 

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