Media Mention: NCBarBlog Highlights Lance Martin's 2019 Pro Bono Award Recognition

Back in 2019, the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) Bankruptcy Section selected creditors' rights attorney Lance Martin for its 2019 Pro Bono Award.

He was recognized for his work with helping those in need of legal services, but could not afford to hire an attorney. Recently, Lance issued a statement to the NCBarBlog, regarding his honor. Here's what he had to say about his recognition:

“With sincere gratitude, I thank the North Carolina Bar Association Bankruptcy Section’s Pro Bono Committee for selecting me as the 2019 Pro Bono Award Recipient. As an attorney practicing in Western North Carolina, I want to use my acceptance to highlight the work of Pisgah Legal Services. For over 40 years, Pisgah Legal Services has been providing legal assistance and advocacy for low-income people to meet basic needs–housing, income security, health care, safety from abuse–and to improve their lives. My modest pro bono work pales compared to the countless hours logged by their staff attorneys. I mention them because if you practice in Western North Carolina and you are interested in pro bono work, they are an indispensable resource. They will intake and vet potential clients to determine if they qualify for free legal aid and if they have meritorious claims, gather documents and information for you, and generally assist with the pro bono representation. All of my cases are referred to me by Pisgah Legal. I practiced for many years before I took my first pro bono case, and now I cannot imagine practicing without always having a few active files. There is a critical need for our help, however modest it may be, and I guarantee you will find it as rewarding as anything you do with your law degree. Thank you again.

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