Ward and Smith Embraces Data Privacy Week 2024 as a Champion

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Data Privacy Week

In recognition of Data Privacy Week 2024, Ward and Smith proudly announces its commitment as a Champion.

This recognition signifies the firm's unwavering commitment to the fundamental principle that all organizations are responsible for acting as conscientious guardians of personal information entrusted to them.

"In an era where data holds immense value, advising our clients' on best privacy and data security practices is not just a moral imperative but a strategic one," stated attorney Angela Doughty, CIPP/US, a certified privacy specialist who serves as Ward and Smith's Director of Legal Innovation and leads intellectual property practice group.

Data Privacy Week, expanding from Data Privacy Day, runs January 21-27, 2024. This initiative aims to raise awareness and promote online privacy among individuals and organizations. Its dual goals are to empower citizens with control over their data and to instill in organizations the significance of respecting users' data.

In a dynamic field of data privacy, Angela underscores the importance of sustained monitoring of recent advancements, such as the prevalent use of AI, and best practices. To that end, Ward and Smith conducts routine training sessions to ingrain data protection regulations in every employee, fostering a culture of compliance.

The firm's dedication transcends internal practices by extending guidance to clients and empowering them with protective measures. Enhancing this commitment, Mayukh Sircar recently acquired his Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals, joining Angela in their specialized area.

"As companies continue to struggle with data breaches and cyberattacks, we feel that organizations must work together towards a safer digital future, and Data Privacy Week is an excellent opportunity for all of us to join forces and make a lasting impact," Angela noted.

Take Control of Your Data

The digital footprints you create through online activity leave a data trail. Websites, apps, and services gather data about your behaviors, preferences, and purchases, including sometimes sensitive data such as social security numbers and driver's license numbers. Furthermore, data about physical attributes, such as health data (e.g., a smartwatch recording your steps), may also be collected.

Although you cannot control the entire data-sharing process, you can take action to manage how your data is shared. You can control your data dissemination by taking simple steps like enabling two-factor authentication, reviewing app permissions, and utilizing privacy settings. Safeguarding your personal information is crucial, so you must exercise discretion when sharing it.

Follow these steps to manage your personal information better and make informed decisions about who receives your data. For more information about Data Privacy Week and how to get involved, visit https://staysafeonline.org/programs/data-privacy-week/.

 About Ward and Smith's Data and Privacy Practice

Ward and Smith's Privacy and Information Security Law team offers comprehensive counsel to clients in various industries, such as finance, healthcare, technology, construction, and retail. They provide services related to Privacy Data Security Compliance, Data Security Breach Response, Financial Services Industry compliance, Cross Border Data Transfers, Mobile Online Privacy, Direct Marketing Initiatives, Workplace Privacy, Supply Chain Risk Management, Healthcare Services Industry compliance, and Educational Agencies and Institutions compliance. The team is experienced in navigating privacy and data security regulations and offers proactive evaluation of compliance and risk mitigation strategies to ensure clients' data practices align with relevant laws.

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