Top 10 Articles for Businesses in 2023

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As we eagerly anticipate the New Year, it's time to reflect on the most impactful articles that captured the attention of businesses in 2023.

This year, Ward and Smith attorneys provided invaluable insights into a wide range of critical issues faced by businesses and tackled difficult topics from a variety of industries.  The following countdown highlights the top 10 articles for businesses that resonated with readers throughout the year:

  1. The Corporate Transparency Act: Your Questions, Answered by Adam Beaudoin and Matthew Jones
    To start the list, this article provides essential insights into the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), addressing common questions and implications for businesses.
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  1. Purchases and Sales of an Incorporated Business: Asset Acquisitions and Stock Sales by John Perry
    This article provides valuable guidance on the intricacies of purchasing and selling incorporated businesses, addressing asset acquisitions, and stock sales.
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  1. Estate Planning With Limited Liability Companies: Transfers of Business Interests as a Planning Opportunity by Matt Thompson and Peter von Stein
    Offering insights into estate planning with limited liability companies, this article presents planning opportunities for business interests.
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  1. Trademark Infringement is No Joke!: Jack Daniel’s Properties, Inc. v. VIP Products LLC by Erica Rogers
    Covering a notable trademark infringement case, this article sheds light on the legal implications and lessons for businesses interested in protecting their intellectual property.
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  1. How Fast Can I Franchise? Hold On a Minute by Art DeBaugh and Olivia Lewis
    This article delves into the complexities of franchising by providing essential insights for businesses considering franchising as an expansion strategy.
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  1. FAQ: A Guide to When You May Need an Insurance Counseling and Recovery Attorney for Your Insurance Dispute by Allen Trask and Amy Wooten
    Offering a comprehensive guide, this article outlines situations in which businesses may require an insurance counseling and recovery attorney for insurance disputes.
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  1. Don't Set It and Forget It: Taking Inventory of Your Insurance Should Be a Recurring Business Practice by Olivia Lewis and Amy Wooten
    Highlighting the importance of regularly reviewing insurance coverage, this article emphasizes the need for businesses to take inventory of their insurance as a recurring practice.
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  1. Whose Business is it Anyway? A Business Succession Case Study by Jane Francis Nowell
    This article addresses business succession issues through a compelling case study, offering valuable lessons for businesses planning for ownership transitions.
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  1. The #AD Vantage Point: Navigating the FTC Endorsement Guides, Part II by Lily Faulconer and Erica Rogers
    Providing insights into navigating the recently revised FTC endorsement guides, this article offers valuable perspectives for businesses engaged in influencer marketing and endorsements.
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  1. Has Your Business Attorney Met Your Estate Planning Attorney? by Richard Crow and Zac Lamb
    This article explores the intersection between business and estate planning attorneys, shedding light on the benefits of collaboration in addressing legal needs.
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