Ward and Smith Hosts Scottish North American Business Council during Tartan Week's Scottish Trade Mission

Scottish Kilt

Ward and Smith's Raleigh office recently hosted the Scottish North American Business Council as part of the Scottish Trade Mission to North Carolina during Tartan Week in April.

This gathering was a significant milestone in fostering business ties between Scotland and North America, showcasing the mutual benefits of international trade partnerships.

The event was spearheaded by Mike McIntyre, the Firm's Senior Advisor for Government Relations and Economic Development and a retired US Representative renowned for his advocacy of Scottish heritage.

"This event signifies a crucial advancement in reinforcing business relationships between Scotland and North America. It was a genuine privilege to be involved in such a meaningful endeavor," noted McIntyre, one of the original congressional sponsors of National Tartan Day, celebrated on April 6 to honor Scottish culture and its contributions to American society.

The event also welcomed distinguished guests such as Allan Hogarth, Elaine Marshall (Secretary of State), Marqueta Welton (Chief of Staff to Secretary of Commerce Machelle Sanders), Justin Sosne (UK Consul), and Steve Cain (President of Triangle British-American Business Council). Alongside them were Ward and Smith attorneys, including Art DeBaugh, Emily Massey, Grant Osborne, Tyler Russell, Ryan Simmons, and Hayley Wells, all contributing to the success of the gathering.

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McIntyre's commitment to fostering the Scottish-American bond is evident throughout his career and accomplishments. As an honorary life member of the St. Andrews Society, McIntyre has consistently championed Scottish heritage. He had the honor of representing North Carolina's 7th district, home to one of the largest Scottish-American populations in the US. Additionally, he co-founded the Friends of Scotland caucus in Congress.

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