We help clients protect their intellectual property investments.

Our team of copyright attorneys understand the complexities of copyright law and routinely work with clients to identify, protect, and manage their copyrights in a variety of subject matters. 
Our copyright team provides a full-range of transactional and litigation copyright services including:

  • Preparation and filing copyright registration applications
  • Counsel regarding the acquisition of copyrighted works
  • Counsel regarding the protection and enforcement of copyright works
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements covering the development, licensing and transfer of copyrighted works
  • Counsel regarding creation, protection, and enforcement programs for copyrighted material, including U.S. Customs Service registrations
  • Due diligence in corporate acquisitions involving copyright
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Assertion and defense of copyright infringement claims

We are your established legal network with offices in Asheville, Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, and Wilmington, NC.

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