Equine Law

Welcome to our Equine Law Practice in North Carolina, where our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services and seasoned "horse sense" to all aspects of the equine industry.

Our Equine Law Practice covers a wide spectrum of cases and transactions, including liability litigation, contract disputes, contract negotiations, lobbying for economic impact, real estate transactions, business formations, non-profit representations, tax advice, labor and employment issues, IP protection, sports betting, and estate planning.

Additionally, we assist with land use and zoning issues, conservation easements, and equestrian communities.

Our clientele includes a diverse array of equine-related businesses and individuals, including boarding facilities, training facilities, horse parks, equine event venues, homeowner associations at equestrian communities, veterinarians, breeders, horse trailer sales dealerships, landowners, non-profit organizations, horse feed manufacturers, farmers, and horse owners.

Should a litigation matter arise, our experienced litigators offer diligent representation in various equine-related disputes, including liability defense and personal injury cases.

Led by an experienced attorney and equestrian, Kristin Mitcham, our Equine Law Practice is committed to providing insightful counsel tailored to the equine industry's unique demands:

For Breeders, whether you run a large-scale operation or a smaller breeding enterprise, our attorneys are here to assist you with tax advice, contracts, and intellectual property protection to safeguard your valuable assets.

Our team provides valuable support to Training Facilities and Trainers by negotiating leases, aiding in drafting training agreements, and resolving disputes.

Boarding Facilities can benefit from our comprehensive legal guidance, including assistance with boarding agreements, land use, zoning, and regulatory compliance. We draft clear and protective agreements tailored to the unique needs of boarding and training facilities.  Additionally, we offer expert guidance on independent contractor and employment agreement drafting for equine businesses.

When it comes to existing Equestrian Communities, our services encompass review and interpretation of association documentation; assistance in the enforcement of rules, covenants, and restrictions; and counsel to boards of directors regarding the performance of their obligations and duties.

For Developers of planned Equestrian Communities, our services include title searches, drafting conservation easements, addressing zoning and restrictive covenant issues, and ensuring the protection of your community's interests.

For Veterinarian Practices, our firm is equipped to handle business formation, contracts, and regulatory matters specific to your profession, providing the legal support you need to focus on caring for your equine patients.

Importers involved in bringing horses or equine products into the country can rely on us to navigate the legal complexities of international trade, ensuring smooth operations.

Equine Event Venues can count on our expertise to address various legal matters, from permitting to staffing issues, liability waivers and contracts. We also protect your event's intellectual property rights, including branding and creative works.

Equine Transporters and Horse Trailer Sales Dealerships receive comprehensive support from our attorneys, with services ranging from contract drafting to risk management and compliance advice, ensuring smooth and legally sound transportation operations.

Not-for-profit entities within the equine industry benefit from our legal guidance on governance, compliance, and tax issues, as we are dedicated to supporting your organization's mission.

For any legal needs within the equine industry, our Equine Law Practice stands ready to provide dedicated support and expert counsel to help you navigate the complexities of this vibrant and exciting field.

We are your established legal network with offices in Asheville, Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, and Wilmington, NC.

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