Our February Focus: Love, Relationships, and the Law

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This month's theme explores the intersection of love, relationships, and the legal frameworks that govern them.

Protecting Your Family Business for When Marriages End

By Zac Lamb and Merrill Jones, Business Succession Attorneys 

The article details the considerations for estate planning in cases of death, including the distribution of assets and ownership interests in the business. It also addresses the implications of divorce on business ownership and emphasizes the role of premarital or post-marital agreements and buy-sell agreements in protecting the business from the impact of divorce. READ MORE

How to File for Divorce

By Melody King, Family Law Attorney

The piece outlines the legal process for obtaining a divorce in North Carolina, emphasizing the requirement of living separately for at least one year before filing for an Absolute Divorce. It explains the criteria for living "separate and apart" and the implications of reconciling during the separation period. The court process for obtaining a Judgment for Absolute Divorce is detailed, including the filing of a Complaint, serving the Defendant, and presenting evidence in case of contested issues. READ MORE

Who Will Take Care of My Horse When I Die?

By Kristin Mitcham, Equine Law Attorney

From the leader of our Equine Law practice, this column stresses the importance of considering and planning for a horse's future, including the recipient's ability to care for the horse, financial support, living arrangements, and medical needs. READ MORE

Premarital Agreements and the "Voluntary" Signature

by Al Clyburn, Family Law Attorney

The feature discusses premarital agreements and their significance in planning for the distribution of assets and liabilities in the event of separation or divorce. It highlights the legal considerations and challenges associated with premarital agreements in North Carolina, citing specific cases where the voluntary execution of the agreements was contested. READ MORE

Ensuring a Furry Future: Estate Planning for the Pets We Love

By Jenny Boyer and Sydney Smith, Trusts and Estates Attorneys

The story emphasizes the importance of estate planning for pets, highlighting the need to ensure the well-being of beloved furry friends even after their owners' incapacity or death. It discusses the financial and time-consuming aspects of pet care, emphasizing the necessity of identifying suitable caretakers, establishing legal documentation such as a pet trust, and being financially prepared for pets' care. READ MORE

Bankruptcy Destroyed My Perfect (Landlord-Tenant) Relationship!

By Joanne Badr, Commercial Real Estate Attorney, and Lance P. Martin, Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy Attorney

The article discusses the challenges landlords face when their tenants file for bankruptcy. It highlights the importance of landlords understanding the implications of bankruptcy on their lease agreements, such as the automatic stay preventing collection activities, the need for court approval before taking certain actions, and the potential consequences of violating bankruptcy laws. READ MORE

"Can you Feel the Love Tonight?" Estate Planning for Couples

By Jenny Boyer, Trusts and Estates Attorney

The article emphasizes the importance of estate planning as a valuable and practical gift for couples, discussing the impact of love, marriage, and growing families on estate planning. It highlights the necessity of having an up-to-date Will, periodic financial reviews, and discussions about medical and financial powers of attorney. READ MORE

How Should Two or More People Own Property? Does It Matter?

By Justin Lewis, Real Estate Attorney

The article discusses the importance of considering how to take title when two or more people purchase property. It explores different forms of concurrent ownership - Tenancy in Common, Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship, and Tenancy by Entirety. Each form has distinct advantages and disadvantages, especially regarding estate planning, protection from creditors, and property maintenance. READ MORE

Prescribing Professionalism: Avoiding Romance in the Medical Workplace

By Amy Fitzhugh and Devon Williams

This article delves into the complexities and risks associated with romantic relationships in a medical setting. It highlights the legal implications, ethical considerations, and professional boundaries that medical professionals must uphold to maintain a safe and respectful work environment. READ MORE

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