Top 10 Articles for Employers in 2023

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Our Labor and Employment Group works hard to ensure our clients hear all the critical employment law news, trends, and insights.

They know our clients want actionable, practical information and deliver it regularly.  Here's a recap of the top 10 articles employers read this year:

  1. The Buck Stops with You: Artificial Intelligence, Employment, & Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by Grant Osborne and Mayukh Sircar, CIPP/US
    Exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, employment, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, this article sheds light on the implications of AI in the context of employment law.
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  1. An Interview with EEOC Director Tom Colclough by Ken Gray and X. Lightfoot
    In this insightful interview, EEOC Director Tom Colclough shares his perspectives on important issues related to employment law, shedding light on the EEOC's priorities and initiatives.
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  1. Proactive Policies: Navigating Ethical Challenges and Legal Compliance for Employers by Avery Locklear
    This article delves into the ethical challenges and legal compliance issues faced by employers, offering proactive strategies to navigate these complex matters effectively.
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  1. Employers Take Note: New Laws Provide Protections for Pregnant and Nursing Employees by Ken Gray and Avery Locklear
    Exploring the legal protections for pregnant and nursing employees, this article provides essential information for employers to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
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  1. SCOTUS Raises Bar for Employers Confronted by Employees' Requests for Religious Accommodation by Avery Locklear and Grant Osborne
    This article discusses the implications of a Supreme Court decision that raises the bar for employers when dealing with employees' requests for religious accommodation under Title VII.
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  1. Got Employees? Understand the Benefits and Limitations of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) by Emily Massey and Amy Wooten
    Focusing on Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), this article provides valuable insights into the benefits and limitations of this form of insurance for employers with employees.
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  1. NLRB Turning Up the Heat Over Employee Handbooks by Ken Gray and Avery Locklear
    This article highlights the increasing scrutiny by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over employee handbooks, emphasizing the importance of ensuring compliance with labor laws.
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  1. Employers, You Need to Replace Your Mandatory EEOC Poster by Emily Massey
    The article discusses the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) and the requirement for covered employers to provide reasonable accommodations related to pregnancy and childbirth-related medical conditions.
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  1. Just in the Nick of Time: Form I-9 Remote Inspections to Continue by Justin Hill
    This article discusses the continuation of Form I-9 remote inspections, providing essential information for employers on ensuring compliance with immigration laws.
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  1. Plaintiffs Attorneys on What Employers Should Know Today by X. Lightfoot and Avery Locklear
    Offering perspectives from plaintiffs' attorneys, this article provides valuable insights into what employers should be aware of in today's legal landscape.
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