Making a Positive Impact: A Look at Ward and Smith's 2021 Pro Bono Program

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Ward and Smith attorneys stepped up in a very big way to help North Carolinians in need in 2021.

In total, 36 attorneys committed nearly 702 hours of pro bono legal work in 2021, which is an impressive jump from the 574 hours worked by 24 attorneys in 2020.  This increase is due to a number of factors, but is largely driven by attorneys seeking greater opportunities to help serve their communities.  That's according to the firm's Pro Bono Committee Chair, Mary Cavanagh, who provided more than 152 hours of pro bono service last year.

"It is so gratifying to see the enthusiasm with which our attorneys have embraced pro bono work.  We hope that this commitment will continue to grow in the years to come as we all work together to make a positive impact in our communities."

Two other Ward and Smith attorneys topped 100 hours of pro bono service last year. Litigator Chris Edwards served pro bono clients with 172 hours of his time, and Creditors' Rights attorney Paul Fanning, 116 hours.

The types of cases that attorneys took on were just as diverse as the clients, with practice areas including intellectual property, landlord-tenant, family, appellate, creditors' rights, and business law.

Attorneys also partnered with several organizations to make a difference in the lives of others, including:

Ward and Smith attorneys who participated in the firm's pro bono program in 2021:
Whitney Campbell Christensen
Mary Cavanagh
Payton Collier Bullard
Richard Crow
Alex Dale
Angela Doughty
Chris Edwards
Paul Fanning
Justin Hill
Zac Lamb
Bill Lathan
X. Lightfoot
Lance Martin
Emily Massey
Kristin Mitcham
Will Oden
Grant Osborne
Erica Rogers
Tyler Russell
Joe Schouten
Troy Smith
Jordan Spanner
Joanne Badr Morgan
Michael Parrish
Jeannette Parrott
Allen Trask
Amy Wang
Hayley Wells
Leigh Wilkinson
Jeremy Wilson
Devon Williams
Bill Wolcott
Thomas Wolff
Amy Wooten

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