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2024 Special Assets Summer School Webinar Series

Pencil on wooden deskWard and Smith's creditors' rights attorneys hosted a series of webinars to provide insights into the latest bankruptcy and creditors' rights trends, including credit resolution, collections, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and workouts.

Session 1: How to Survive and Thrive in Subchapter V Bankruptcy

Speakers: Jameson Doub and Thomas Wolff
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Session 2: Ponzi Schemes

Speakers: Paul Fanning and Lance Martin
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Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Webinar

football, soccer ball, tennis play, and basketball in montionSpeakers: Clint Cogburn and Erica Rogers 

In this webinar, NIL attorneys walk through their signature playbook of endorsement agreements within the name, image, and likeness (NIL) arena. Webinar highlights include debriefing on recent NCAA policy guidance, Addressing FTC endorsement guidelines, identifying the MVPs involved in NIL, understanding the playbook of boosters, NIL agents, and collectives, outlining endorsement agreements from the business side, and tackling other intellectual property matters that are geared toward the NIL space.

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2023 Special Assets Summer School Webinar Series

Dog wearing Glasses and red bowtie setting at teacher deskGet ready to be schooled in the latest bankruptcy and creditors' rights trends! Ward and Smith's creditors' rights attorneys hosted a series of webinars providing invaluable insights into credit resolution, collections, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and workouts.

Session 1: Judgment Enforcement and Collection

Speakers: Tyler Russell and Thomas Wolff
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Session 2: Bankruptcy 

Speakers: Paul Fanning and Lance Martin
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Session 3: Collection, Foreclosure, Workout, and Fraud

Speakers: Lily FaulconerNorman Leonard, and Michael Parrish
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Navigating Subchapter V Bankruptcy

Piggy bank on laptopSpeakers: Paul Fanning and Lance Martin

In this webinar, Board-Certified Business Bankruptcy attorneys Paul Fanning and Lance Martin teach you how to prepare for and protect yourself in Subchapter V, where the cases move at warp speed, and many of the old rules of traditional Chapter 11 no longer apply. They cover the key differences between traditional Chapter 11 and Subchapter V, the role of the Subchapter V Trustee and how to use him or her to your advantage, discovery and evidentiary issues and limitations, and the major issues worth fighting over. 

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Health Care Webinar: Legal Pulse Check

flatlineSpeakers: Michael FieldsAmy FitzhughKen GrayMayukh SircarLeigh Wilkinson, and Jim Wilson

Ward and Smith's Health Care Webinar covered issues affecting how medical professionals practice medicine today and into the future. Topics covered, include current legal trends in health care, privacy and data security considerations, professional licensing boards, and employment law hot topics.

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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Webinar

Speakers: Lynwood Evans

Between 1953 and 1987, tens of thousands of veterans, families, workers, and more were exposed to toxic chemicals that caused life-altering and even fatal diseases. Now, they may be entitled to compensation. In this webinar, personal injury attorney Lynwood Evans discusses your legal options and the next actionable steps in this process. Other topics covered, include the history of contamination at Camp Lejeune, the Honoring Our PACT Act (H.R. 3967), the symptoms associated with exposure to contaminated water, and who is eligible for compensation.

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Special Assets Summer School Webinar Series 

Piggy bank with glasses on chalkboard

Part 1 of 3 - Bank Account Setoffs and Article 9 Filings

Speakers: Lily Faulconer and Norman Leonard

The June 15 class is titled "Bank Account Setoffs and Article 9 Filings – Avoiding Unforced Errors."  Teachers, Lily Faulconer and Norman Leonard, walked attendees through priority disputes and liability issues using real-world examples.

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Part 2 of 3 -  North Carolina Commercial Receivership Act

Speakers: Norman Leonard and Lance Martin

This July 20 class focuses on the new North Carolina Commercial Receivership Act. Teachers, Norman Leonard and Lance Martin, guided attendees through the pros and cons of the new Receivership Act and whether it is a viable alternative to involuntary bankruptcy.

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Part 3 of 3: Commercial Foreclosure

Speakers: Paul Fanning and Thomas Wolff

This class focuses on commercial foreclosure, as well as special topics, including enhanced sales techniques, methods for dealing with deceased obligors, combining foreclosure with personal property collateral disposition under the UCC, and tenant management issues.

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January 13: Community Associations Building Blocks -  Community Drainage, Flooding & Architectural Control Parameters

stormwater drainSpeakers: Eric Remington and Amy Wang 

Many communities in North Carolina experience issues with drainage, stormwater, and localized nuisance flooding after rain events. In this webinar, environmental attorney Amy Wang and litigation attorney Eric Remington discussed several issues, including drainage vs. stormwater, general coverage of drainage and stormwater in covenants and permits, updates on the State's Stormwater Program, legal doctrines or rules that pertain to surface water drainage and liability, and common causes of action asserted in lawsuits related to surface water drainage, flooding, and erosion.

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December 9: Community Associations Building Blocks - Land Use and Zoning

Red and White fenced treeSpeaker: Clint Cogburn

Zoning and land use laws enacted by the state and federal governments, counties, and municipalities significantly affect the acquisition, sale, development, and use of real property.  Government agencies and governing bodies increasingly have enacted more comprehensive zoning and land use rules and regulations governing development, sometimes with the intent to restrict or prohibit development.  In this session, Land Use attorney Clint Cogburn discusses how zoning and land use laws can affect community associations as well as tax exemption applications. The session will conclude with a live Q&A. 

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December 3 Webinar: In-House Counsel Seminar - Virtual Edition 

The 2021 In-House Counsel Seminar consists of three sessions designed to address issues facing in-house counsel today. 

Upside down businessmanSession 1 - Upside Down: Privacy and Data Security LARP

Speakers: Chris Hope, Bridget Welborn, and Angela Doughty, CIPP/US

According to a May article in Bloomberg Law, nearly 90% of chief legal officers expect[ed] data privacy issues to accelerate in 2021.  Those surveyed were right to be concerned; data and privacy security should be top of mind for all businesses.  This interactive session will walk attendees through real-life breach scenarios and showcase how they can leverage outside law firms to strategically craft compliance plans and track their corporate boards and third-party vendors for proper security and compliance measures.

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Red arrowSession 2 - Pell-Mell: Rapid Fire Legal Update

Speakers: Richard CrowChris EdwardsJamie Norment, and Hayley Wells

A whole lot of legal knowledge, condensed into short sound bites!  Ward and Smith attorneys will present on a variety of current topics pertinent to corporate counsel, including innovations in eDiscovery, ADA website and public access compliance, government relations, and tax.

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woman standing in front of a keyholeSession 3 - Inside Out: Employment Law LARP

Speakers: Ken GrayJustin Hill, and Devon Williams

In-house counsel are often asked to play a role in workplace investigations related to human resources issues.  This role has likely been more involved with constantly evolving COVID-19 rules and regulations.  This session will incorporate virtual interactivity and will allow attendees to act out real-life HR scenarios remotely.  Each case example will be discussed in an open forum to provide insight into navigating the current, complex employment environment.

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November 17 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - Directors and Officers Insurance

Business holding umbrella over employee icons on wooden puzzle piecesSpeakers: Allen Trask and Amy Wooten

A community or property owner association ("Association") acts through board members and officers who are volunteers and are generally willing to serve because they care about their communities.

But in this day and age, they are often targets of member lawsuits. Accordingly, it's recommended that all Associations obtain director and officer liability insurance to cover the costs of defending their directors, officers, committee members, and volunteers against such lawsuits. 

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October 14 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - How to Retain Financing for HOAs and COAs

House Coins on ScaleSpeaker:  Justin Lewis 

Lenders are aware that the borrowing demands for community associations around the country are growing. And those demands will continue to grow as more and more American home buyers choose a home that includes some form of common interest as an integral part of homeownership. In this webinar, we discussed how HOA and COA loans work, including borrowing needs, loan structure and security, and loan documentation.

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October 13 Webinar: Fall Employment Law Update

Hand Held lensball in autumn forestSpeakers: Labor and Employment team

Ward and Smith's entire Labor and Employment team holds discussions on current employment law changes, including the most recent labor and employment hot topics and insight into current EEOC guidance and enforcement priorities.

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October 7 Webinar: Health Care Breakfast and Learn

Power Latte coffeeSpeakers: Ken GrayMichael FieldsPeter McClellandTroy Smith, and Leigh Wilkinson   

This virtual event will tackle many important issues the medical community is facing today, including current legal trends in health care, privacy and data security considerations, professional licensing issues, and employment law hot topics.

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October 6 Webinar: Construction Conversations

Construction Hat, Gloves, and cup on wood tableSpeakers: Construction Law Team, Government Relations Team. and Hank Harris with Ward and Smith Business Consulting

We're talking construction! This webinar is a two-hour program focusing on an array of matters most crucial to today's construction companies and firms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

September 16 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - Vendor Relationships

Green House ModelsSpeakers: Adam BeaudoinMadeline Lipe, and Peter McClelland

All community associations have professional relationships with contractors, service providers, and other vendors. This webinar explores issues that can arise with third-party vendors, including the importance of vendor contract review and negotiations, how to navigate discourse with vendors, including insurance companies, and the responsibility that community associations have to take reasonable precautions to protect the interests of the association and their members’ confidential information even if it is housed by a third-party.

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August 12 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - Annual Meetings

Magnifying Glass with Wooden FiguresSpeaker: Adam Beaudoin

Annual membership meetings are an essential thread of the fabric of community associations and North Carolina law requires that all community associations hold a meeting of the association's members at least once a year. Unfortunately, large group meetings, especially in the community association context, are inherently inefficient and can be more frustrating than they are useful. 

In this webinar,  Adam Beaudoin reviewed annual meeting basics, rules, and regulations, as well as explain the critical role the association's professional managers, attorneys, and accountants play in the annual membership meeting to ensure that proper procedures are followed, adequate language is used to describe proposed actions, procedures are understood, and votes are properly tabulated.

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July 15 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks – The Fair Housing Act and Emotional Support Animals

Boy hugging dogSpeakers:  Adam Beaudoin and Kristin Mitcham

The Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) prohibits housing providers and their agents and governing bodies, such as Associations, from discriminating against a resident or potential resident, regardless of whether the resident or potential resident will be the owner or listed tenant of the housing unit because of the resident's or potential resident's disability. The FHA makes it unlawful for Associations to refuse to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services when such accommodations may be necessary to afford a person with a disability with an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a housing unit.  In fact, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has explicitly stated that an exception to a "no pets" policy qualifies as a reasonable accommodation. In this webinar, Adam Beaudoin and Kristin Mitcham discussed the FHA, assistance animals, and what an Association should do if an owner, tenant, guest, or other resident requests a reasonable accommodation for an assistance animal.

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June 10 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks – Privacy and Data Security

A keyword with a red house buttonSpeakers: Angela Doughty, CIPP/US and Peter McClelland, CIPP/US

You may not know that Community Associations and the companies that manage them have a responsibility to take reasonable precautions to protect their members’ confidential information.  Associations, and particularly their board members, are regularly entrusted with homeowners’ sensitive, confidential materials, often including personally identifiable information like social security numbers and financial information like credit card and bank account numbers. In this webinar, Angela and Peter discussed the growing number of laws that relate to holding members' confidential information, the legal penalties associated with falling short of the requirements, and what Associations must do to be considered "reasonable" under law. 

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May 26 Webinar:  Federal Gift Tax Refresher - Awaiting Congress's Conclusion on the Annual Exclusion of 2021

Silver toy present on moneySpeakers: Matt Thompson and Tom Zamadics

Basic estate tax planning techniques include compliant, effective use of the federal gift tax annual exclusion, currently $15,000 per donee for most gifts. In light of Congress's expected changes to federal estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax laws this year, Ward and Smith's trusts and estates attorneys reviewed the federal gift tax basics under current law.

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May 18 Webinar: Website Compliance - Key Costly Legal Risks Every Business Should Consider

Robot toys surround a laptop with image of robotSpeakers: Angela Doughty, CIPP/US, Peter McClelland, CIPP/US, and Erica Rogers

A recent statistic posted by Sweor states that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. Many companies invest a lot of time and resources into making sure their website is a revenue driver, but what steps should organizations take to make sure their website isn't also increasing its business risks and liabilities? 

In this webinar, attorneys Angela Doughty, CIPP/US, Peter McClelland, CIPP/US, and Erica Rogers discussed how companies can avoid website compliance issues and the resulting legal headaches, including privacy implications and disclosures; ADA compliance lawsuits; and trademark and copyright demands.

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May 13: Community Association Building Blocks - Collections Session

Money bag with housesSpeaker: Thomas Wolff

Nearly all community associations must cope with owners who fail or refuse to pay their periodic assessments, which are commonly referred to as monthly, quarterly, or annual "dues." Regardless of your Association's current delinquency rate, delinquencies will increase or decrease depending on your Association's vigilance in enforcing its right to collect. 

In the third session of Ward and Smith's Community Association Building Blocks series, attorney Thomas Wolff provided insight into the various options for Associations to consider, and the common pitfalls to avoid when pursuing delinquent accounts. 

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May 7: 2021 Employment Law Symposium - Virtual Edition

The 2021 Employment Law Symposium features a few sessions designed to assist human resources professionals with workplace challenges head-on. 

Bee keeper with magnifying glass over bee nestSession 1 - The Bees Knees: A Conversation with Tom Colclough

Speakers: Thomas M. Colclough, Deputy District Director of the Charlotte District Office of the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission and Devon Williams

Tom teams up with Labor and Employment attorney and Firm Co-Managing Director, Devon Williams, to provide a deeper dive into the EEOC.  This insightful session highlights cases that the EEOC sees (and has seen) and the duo's honest, candid Q&A on these issues will provide you with an insider's look into how the EEOC operates. 

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Honey potSession 2 - Employment Law Honeypot: Rapid Fire Legal Update

 Speakers: Xavier LightfootGrant OsborneWill Oden, and Hayley Wells

This session looks into the Biden Administration's consequences for employers and our prediction on what's to come for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.  Topics discussed include an update on current COVID employer issues, how employers can address diversity, equity, and inclusion, and new items that are currently in the Administration's pipeline.

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Dog in bee costumeSession 3 - Busy as a Bee: LARPing a Day in the Life of Human Resources

Speakers: Ken GrayJustin Hill, and Emily Massey

This LARP (Live Action Role Playing) session incorporated virtual interactivity and allowed attendees to act out real-life HR scenarios remotely.  Attendees were able to assume the role and viewpoint of an HR professional, employee, or others as they were walked through case examples related to employment issues our employment law attorneys are handling daily. 

Each case example was then discussed in an open forum to provide insight into how to navigate the current, complex employment environment. 

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Round Bee hiveSession 4 - Q&A Roundtable

Ward and Smith speakers gathered to answer pre-submitted and live questions at the conclusion of the Symposium.

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April 8 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - Association Manager Town Hall

MicrophoneSpeakers: Adam Beaudoin and Madeline Lipe

From supervising property maintenance and upkeep of facilities and amenities to overseeing financial management and budget tracking to overseeing homeowner communications, the role of a Community Association manager is a constantly evolving and challenging position. In this Community Association Building Blocks webinar, Community Associations attorneys Adam Beaudoin and Madeline Lipe held a town hall to answers questions from community associations managers.

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March 11 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - ARC as Easy as 1,2,3?

Wooden BlocksSpeakers: Eric Remington and Allen Trask

The Architectural Review Committee is one of the most important, and often times challenged, committees within a community association. How can this committee ensure that its fellow board and members understand the difference between ARC guidelines and restrictive covenants? In this webinar, Community Associations attorneys Eric Remington and Allen Trask take a closer look at ARC's enforceability and how to distinguish between ARC guidelines and restrictive covenants in community documents. 

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February 25: The Eye of the Storm - Insight into Named Storm Insurance Issues for Community Associations

A red umbrella with black umbrellas and rainy skiesSpeakers:  Allen Trask and Amy Wooten of Ward and Smith and Jade Bentz and Jeff Major of Skyline Adjusters

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season set multiple records while producing a record of 30 named storms, and a recent extended-range forecast for the 2021 season predicts activity that is above normal. In this webinar, our professionals discussed key named storm insurance issues for Community Associations, including common coverage pitfalls and unknowns, deductibles, and emergency services and contractor issues.

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February 24: What's Next? 2021 Employment Law Forecast

Red hot air balloons in a rowIt goes without saying that 2020 was an unprecedented year for changes in employment law.  As COVID-19 continues to spread across our country and state, and with a new administration in the Oval Office, what changes can employers expect in 2021? In this webinar, our Employment Law team discussed hot topic issues, including the current political climate, vaccination mandates and other COVID-19 issues, LGBTQ issues, paid leave, and much more.

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January 28 Webinar: Planning, Choosing, and Assembling - A Tale of Business Succession

Cartoon chalk man pondering gap between two wooden blocksSpeakers: Lee HodgeMatt ThompsonHayley Wells, and Hank Harris

Ward and Smith attorneys Lee HodgeMatt Thompson, and Hayley Wells, along with Hank Harris of Ward and Smith Business Consulting talked through many real-life issues that business owners face during the planning, choosing, and assembling phases of a business succession plan.  Moderator Steve Stephenson of Ward and Smith will help bring our fictional business and characters to life as he leads our panelists through ups, downs, twists, and turns of our modern-day saga.

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January 14 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - Land Use, Zoning, and Ordinance Issues

multicolored tetris-like blocksSpeakers: Adam Beaudoin and Clint Cogburn

What is the interplay between a community association and land use, zoning, and ordinance issues? Oftentimes, community managers must walk a fine line between resident concerns that can be handled by a management company and those that are out of the management company's control. In the second session of Ward and Smith's Community Association Building Blocks series, attorneys Adam Beaudoin and Clint Cogburn provide insight into common land use issues that community associations regularly face and how to competently and comprehensively address those issues when they arise.

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December 10 Webinar: Community Association Building Blocks - Navigating Litigation with Directors & Officers Coverage

A paper house cut up into piece with hands putting it togetherSpeakers: Allen Trask and Amy Wooten

The unfortunate reality for many community association board of directors is that at some point in the association's existence, its board members may be sued.   When that happens, the suit may trigger Directors & Officers ("D&O") insurance.  Understanding the fundamentals of D&O coverage and its impact on litigation involving the association's board members can prove invaluable to navigating litigation against an association's board. This webinar provides an introduction to D&O coverage and insights into its impact on the litigation process.

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December 3: In-House Counsel Seminar - Virtual Edition

The In-House Counsel Seminar consisted of three sessions designed to address specific general counsel issues. 

Yellow flag and football on grassSession 1 - Flag on the Play: Employment Issues During a Pandemic

Speakers: Ken GrayJustin Hill, and Devon Williams

In-house counsel are often asked to play a role in workplace investigations related to human resources issues.  This role has likely been more involved since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This session will incorporate virtual interactivity and will allow attendees to act out real-life HR scenarios remotely.  Attendees will be able to assume the role and viewpoint of an HR professional, employee, or others as you walk through case examples related to employment issues our employment law attorneys are handling daily.  Each case example will be discussed in an open forum to provide insight into how to navigate the current, complex employment environment.

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FootballSession 2Kick into High Gear: Rapid Fire Legal Update

Speakers: Paul FanningMike McIntyre, and Amy Wooten

Ward and Smith attorneys will present on the latest hot topics related to litigation trends in a COVID-19 environment, how to work with vendors or clients facing bankruptcy, and a federal and state government relations update.

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dirty football player

Session 3 - Game Over: How Cancel Culture Affects Corporate Counsel

Speakers: Angela DoughtyXavier LightfootErica Rogers, and Hayley Wells

Cancel culture, or the act of withdrawing support for public figures or companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive, has become a societal norm. 

But, how can this form of public group shaming, affect corporate counsel?  Our panel will share their thoughts on how to work with employees or clients involved on either side of a cancel culture situation; how to address social media statements about your company or employees; public vs. private response; and how to distinguish between your personal and professional beliefs when dealing with sensitive topics.

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October 27 Webinar: Time for a Checkup? Virtual Health Care Breakfast and Learn

Stethoscope on Tablet on keyboardSpeakers: Michael Fields and Ken Gray

The health care industry is fraught with regulatory mandates and rules and the addition of a pandemic has brought on a whole new set of complexities. This webinar focuses on many health care and employment law topics, including: 

  • COVID-19 Updates for the Health Care Industry
  • How the Change to the Definition of Health Care Worker Limits Pay Regulations and Paid Leave Provisions
  • Telemedicine and Recent Changes
  • Other Trending Employment Law Issues

Listen to the webinar

October 8 Webinar: 2020 Construction Conference - Virtual Edition

miniature toolbox on keyboardThis virtual conference is designed to provide information on current topics and trends related specifically to the construction industry.  Topic highlights include a rapid fire legal update on hot construction and COVID-19-related legal topics, a construction industry update, and a roundtable Q&A session with all of our presenters.

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September 30 Webinar: What's New in Special Assets?

origami boats made out of moneySpeakers: Paul FanningNorman LeonardTyler Russell, and Thomas Wolff

In this webinar, Ward and Smith Creditors' Rights attorneys focused on three main areas, including new receivership laws, SUB-V11 bankruptcies, and the unique issues involved in foreclosure and auction hybrids. 

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September 17 Webinar: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Employer Predicaments in a COVID-19 Environment

Cave or hole in the ground with sky in the backgroundSpeakers: Ken Gray, Justin Hill, Xavier Lightfoot, Emily Massey, Will Oden, Grant Osborne, Hayley Wells, and Tom Zamadics

Many employers in North Carolina and beyond are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place, regularly facing difficult decisions where they have to choose between two equally unpleasant courses of action. Combining health and safety concerns with the current economic environment, employment questions are ever-evolving, and solutions can be tricky.  Ward and Smith's Labor and Employment team is working with clients daily on the issues they face and providing advice on how to navigate them legally, effectively, and compassionately.  This webinar highlights employer concerns, government regulations, and ways we believe employers can handle specific "rock and hard place" situations. 

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July 30 Webinar: Unpacking Your Estate Plan When Moving to North Carolina

opened cardboard box with sky in backgroundSpeakers: Eldridge Dodson and Tom Zamadics, trusts and estates attorneys

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 300,000 people who called North Carolina home in 2018 lived in another state the previous year. This webinar focuses on important considerations to make in regard to your estate plan if you are one of the many individuals who recently moved to North Carolina.

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June 25 Webinar: Protecting Yourself Against EEOC, OSHA, & Workers' Compensation Claims in the COVID-19 Era

Hand holding up maskSpeakers: Ken Gray and Will Oden, labor and employment attorneys

Many employers have questions about liability issues related to re-opening and employees returning to work as the COVID-19 stay in place orders have begun to lift. As North Carolina employers work through the Governor's Phase 2 restrictions and look into the future at what Phase 3 restrictions could bring, our labor and employment attorneys are fielding calls daily from clients with burning questions about how to protect their businesses, employees, and patrons. Attorneys Ken Gray and Will Oden answered some of those questions in an hour-long Q&A session.

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June 11 Webinar: Your College-Aged Child is an Adult. Now What?

Birthday CakeSpeaker: Virginia Carter, trusts and estates attorney

There are important legal implications that most people do not realize about their adult children, including how the ability to have input into decisions for and access information about your child is limited, even in the event of an accident or illness. This webinar focuses on the five estate planning documents parents should make sure their child has.

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May 14 Webinar: Returning to Work - What Every Corporate Counsel Needs to Know Today

Home office with desk, laptop, and glassesSpeaker: Ken Gray, labor and employment attorney

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers made the decision to have their employees work remotely. Now that shelter in place orders are relaxing, employers are having to make daily decisions and consider novel approaches to allow employees to safely return to the workplace. This webinar focuses on issues every corporate counsel need to know today to ensure compliance with FFCRA "Temporary" Regulations, guidance from the EEOC and the DOL, and additional federal and state laws, during the return to work phase, and in the future. 

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May 5 Webinar: Pandemics and Leases – A Discussion on Current Leasing Issues and Examples of Future Lease Provisions to Consider

businessman inspecting paper with magnifying glassSpeaker: Drake Brinkley, commercial real property attorney

During the webinar, Drake will lead a discussion about current commercial leasing issues in North Carolina associated with the COVID-19 crisis. He will also provide attendees with insight on approaches to address pandemics in future commercial leases. 

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