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September 30 Webinar: What's New in Special Assets?

Speakers: Paul FanningNorman LeonardTyler Russell, and Thomas Wolff

In this webinar, Ward and Smith Creditors' Rights attorneys focused on three main areas, including new receivership laws, SUB-V11 bankruptcies, and the unique issues involved in foreclosure and auction hybrids.  Watch webinar


September 17 Webinar: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Employer Predicaments in a COVID-19 Environment

Speakers: Ken Gray, Justin Hill, Xavier Lightfoot, Emily Massey, Will Oden, Grant Osborne, Hayley Wells, and Tom Zamadics

Many employers in North Carolina and beyond are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place, regularly facing difficult decisions where they have to choose between two equally unpleasant courses of action. Combining health and safety concerns with the current economic environment, employment questions are ever-evolving, and solutions can be tricky.  Ward and Smith's Labor and Employment team is working with clients daily on the issues they face and providing advice on how to navigate them legally, effectively, and compassionately.  This webinar highlights employer concerns, government regulations, and ways we believe employers can handle specific "rock and hard place" situations.  Watch webinar

July 30 Webinar: Unpacking Your Estate Plan When Moving to North Carolina

Speakers: Eldridge Dodson and Tom Zamadics, trusts and estates attorneys

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 300,000 people who called North Carolina home in 2018 lived in another state the previous year. This webinar focuses on important considerations to make in regard to your estate plan if you are one of the many individuals who recently moved to North Carolina. Watch webinar


June 25 Webinar: Protecting Yourself Against EEOC, OSHA, & Workers' Compensation Claims in the COVID-19 Era

Speakers: Ken Gray and Will Oden, labor and employment attorneys

Many employers have questions about liability issues related to re-opening and employees returning to work as the COVID-19 stay in place orders have begun to lift. As North Carolina employers work through the Governor's Phase 2 restrictions and look into the future at what Phase 3 restrictions could bring, our labor and employment attorneys are fielding calls daily from clients with burning questions about how to protect their businesses, employees, and patrons. Attorneys Ken Gray and Will Oden answered some of those questions in an hour-long Q&A session. Watch webinar 

Birthday CakeJune 11 Webinar: Your College-Aged Child is an Adult. Now What?

Speaker: Virginia Carter, trusts and estates attorney

There are important legal implications that most people do not realize about their adult children, including how the ability to have input into decisions for and access information about your child is limited, even in the event of an accident or illness. This webinar focuses on the five estate planning documents parents should make sure their child has. Watch webinar

May 14 Webinar: Returning to Work - What Every Corporate Counsel Needs to Know Today

Speaker: Ken Gray, labor and employment attorney

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers made the decision to have their employees work remotely. Now that shelter in place orders are relaxing, employers are having to make daily decisions and consider novel approaches to allow employees to safely return to the workplace. This webinar focuses on issues every corporate counsel need to know today to ensure compliance with FFCRA "Temporary" Regulations, guidance from the EEOC and the DOL, and additional federal and state laws, during the return to work phase, and in the future. Watch webinar

May 5 Webinar: Pandemics and Leases – A Discussion on Current Leasing Issues and Examples of Future Lease Provisions to Consider

Speaker: Drake Brinkley, commercial real property attorney

During the webinar, Drake will lead a discussion about current commercial leasing issues in North Carolina associated with the COVID-19 crisis. He will also provide attendees with insight on approaches to address pandemics in future commercial leases. Watch webinar